We’re thrilled to share the exciting progress at 247 Wimbledon! The installation of the magnificent Portland Stone has commenced, and we can’t contain our anticipation as the envisioned facade, meticulously designed by Emrys Architects, takes shape.

The fusion of Portland Stone and handmade bricks adds an extra dimension of beauty and character to our building’s facade. The time-honored craftsmanship of the Ibstock artisans in Swanage ensures that each brick carries a unique touch, contributing to the overall elegance and allure of the design.

As we eagerly follow the progress, we anticipate the breathtaking result that combines Emrys Architects’ meticulous design, the magnificence of Portland Stone, and the rustic charm of handmade bricks from Ibstock in Swanage.

Stay tuned for further updates as the facade comes together, showcasing the harmonious fusion of these exquisite materials. Join us in anticipation of witnessing the realization of Emrys Architects’ artistic vision at 247Wimbledon.